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Healthy Body

Healthy Body

By on May 30, 2016 in Health Metabolism |

When you watch TV you see all those people that are fit, and then you remember that you are not. You have tried some diets, you tried some drugs as well, but nothing makes you look good and feel good. To maintain a healthy body, you must keep your metabolism in the check. As years go by, the metabolism slows, and that leads to many other medical conditions. But the biggest impact of slow metabolism is on your mental image of yourself. Slow metabolism makes you grumpy because you can’t do things you did just a couple years ago. If you are unsatisfied with yourself, then you must take some steps to change that.
Can we improve our metabolism?

Yes, yes we can and we should. If your metabolism is slow, that means that you burn calories a lot slower than other people. This leads to a build-up of fat which slows your metabolism even more. As you can see, this is a really wicked circle we have here, and if you don’t stop it, then you will never be able to do things other people do.
Metabolism deteriorates

No matter what kind of metabolism you had in your younger days, it will slow down after the age of 40. But if you take several precautionary steps and keep them up after you go over this age then your metabolism will be at constant peak.

This requires some work, but if you want to feel young all your life, then this will not be hard for you.

Improving the metabolism

There are several things you must do to keep your metabolism in check, and the basic thing to do is to build your muscles. You don’t have to look like models from the pictures and movies, but you do need a bit of muscle on you. The secret is in doing strength training to raise the percentage of muscle in your body.
Do muscle and aerobic exercises
Then you need to do aerobic exercises. But don’t do them half-heartedly because that will do nothing. If you want an effect from these exercises, then you must push yourself to the limit every time you exercise.
Hydration is a key
Drink water, and I mean a lot. Water helps in the processing of calories, so you should drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Drink water before the meal because that will lower the amount of food you eat. You can also gain water from eating fresh fruit and vegetables.

Say no to energy drinks

Energy drinks are a bit controversial subject. Many of the energy drinks that are out there contain taurine that speeds up the metabolism and helps in fat burning.

It is a controversial subject because some people experience problems with anxiety, sleep, and several other conditions after drinking an energy drink.

Don’t be gluttonous, eat smartly

Instead of some ridiculous diets, you should try eating smartly. If you eat twice or three times per day, your metabolism slows down between those meals and that is not good. Instead of doing that, you should have several snacks between the meals. This will result in the smaller amount of food consumed during those meals.

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